On-Site Celebrations and Tented Events

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On-site events are exiciting and strategic because they have the capacity to effect the dynamics of how employees view the workplace. We’ve found that on-site events have stronger attendance than off-site events; allowing even the most diligent workers to find the time to attend.

Consider a tent to house your health fair, business meeting, or celebration. You’ll experience the build-up of excitement as employees watch the tent go-up and look forward to attending the event.

A tented health fair event with a "got health" theme.
This fun tented event featured an arcade in an on-site tent.

This large tent utilized a stage for a presenter, gobo lights projecting company logos on the ceiling and specialty decor.



Event Types
Holiday Parties and Celebrations
Health, Wellness and Safety Fairs—including Volunteer Fairs and Vendor Fairs
Picnics and Off-Site Events—including Teambuilding
Business Meetings, Seminars and Kick-Off Meetings
On-Site Celebrations and Tented Events
Corporate Family Events—Kids Holiday Celebrations

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