Business Meetings, Seminars and Kick-Off Events

Business meetings are a key form of communication with employees. We can help you decide whether it makes the best strategic sense to use an off-site or on-site location.

On-site meetings in tents are now possible with high-end A/V presentations, they can maximize attendance while minimizing employee time away from the office. Additionally, if you plan to tie-in a social event, cost effective solutions like in-house catering can be used.

Off-site venues and theatres are pre-fitted with core A/V equipment and can also be tied to a social event or special venue activities from amusement parks to arcades.

This meeting featured dramatic lighting on stage.
Satellite communications were used to connect presenters from all over the country.
This corporate meeting featured a preshow entertainment with dancers and drummers.



Event Types
Holiday Parties and Celebrations
Health, Wellness and Safety Fairs—including Volunteer Fairs and Vendor Fairs
Picnics and Off-Site Events—including Teambuilding
Business Meetings, Seminars and Kick-Off Meetings
On-Site Celebrations and Tented Events
Corporate Family Events—Kids Holiday Celebrations

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